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Christmas Eve and the Traditional Feast of the 7 Fishes

The Italian tradition is coming up right around the corner.

It is the Christmas eve dinner of The Feast of the 7 Fishes,

Its base is rooted in Southern Italy,known for its seafood and richness of culture ,but empty pockets. Many holiday dinners are "meatless" or non meat focused .

The roots are based in Roman Catholicism. There are a few theories about the number of 7 being based the 7 sacraments,some say 7 virtues and some believe it is the 7th day that God rested.

The tradition was carried over to the United States between 1880-1924 when a strong migration of Italians came and brought many of their foods and culture.

We will be sharing the tradition on Christmas Eve from Noon to 8 PM

The menu is as following :

Baccala Bruschetta

Tuna,Cannelini Bean and red onion salad

Calamari della casa

Crab ravioli with pistachio cream sauce

Stuffed Mussels



Please call for reservations 206-622-7688

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